What have been some highlights for your company recently?

Andres Mahecha U. In 2015, we constructed the first Cole Haan store in Panama. It is a top-of-the line brand and was a nice project in Soho Mall. We worked with Lucky Brand, which is another company from the US. We also introduced Alex And Ani and Alrifai, a company from Turkey, and kept working with important brands like Clarins, Thomas Sabo, and Pandora, among others. There are many companies and brands coming into Panama—it is a good market for entering Latin America because it is secure and everybody feels confident about the economy and the rules of the game. We have worked with many brands that choose Panama for their first store in Latin America. Last year was one of the greatest in the 10 years that we have been here, even though growth in Panama was half of what it had been in previous years. We expanded all related activities because there were new malls and commercial expansion, and we were working a lot on bringing in and developing new brands in Panama. In 2016, the economy is slowing down, so people are cautious and are thinking twice before making an investment. There are two new malls this year in Panama; therefore, we anticipate we will have a good 2016, though still not as good as last year.



Executive Director


At Morphosis, we want to stand out from our competitors. Our goal is to make things different from other companies in order to have excellent products. We aim to create unique designs within the average standards of the market, a niche where we see a selling opportunity, and in this way we can make a change in Colombian cities. We mix architecture and commercial design into housing; for example, the lobby of a building resembled the lobby of a hotel and it was a success and people liked it. We can proudly say we have a personal signature in all our buildings in Colombia. Our buildings have something different, unique, and personal about them, which is the spirit of the company; those small details define us as a brand. Furthermore, we are a young company; however, our goal over the next 20 years is to be a reference company for developing similar projects in Colombia and Latin America.